Saturday, 31 December 2016


It happened to my friend's daughter this evening. And everyone should be careful about using paytm or any mobile wallet app. She was transferring some amount to Cheddha stores in Matunga East after a purchase today 7th Dec  at 8 pm She was asked to scan the QR code pasted in the reception.

She did it but they said ' no madam the amount has not been transferred'. On further investigation she found out that they had deliberately given the QR code of a different phone number and checking the transaction on a diff phone no. My daughter knew everything and literally caught them red handed. They were totally shaken when she literally grabbed the mobile and scanned a different QR code and proved to them that they were trying to cheat. When she called the phone no mentioned below the QR code a different phone rang. Other customers behind her who were less knowledgeable were astounded by this.

I would request all users of paytm to scan the QR code of the mobile in their possession  and NOT what is displayed.  Also check the phone no below the QR code. Dial this number to verify that the said phone is ringing. This type of fraud can happen to you in taxis, shops or anywhere else.  Please forward to all your friends and people who stay near Matunga East should go to Chedha stores or other stores nearby to stop this fraud.

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