Sunday, 20 November 2016

Prajit Self Help Group

Prajit is the very active mental health self help group for people who suffer with the stress, uncontrolled anger, depression, tension etc. It helps to the people to come out of their problem and to lead the normal, happy and the better life.

This self help group is for

    The people, who suffer with depression, who feel low, who are out of spirit & remain in the bad mood.
    Those who are worried, tense, restless.
    Those who cannot concentrate well.
    The ones who are irritable, who have lost efficiency at work.


    People who suffer from depression–symptoms
    Fell low, out of spirit, in the bad mood, tired, exhausted, loss of appetite, loss of sleep, suicidal ideas and suicidal attempts.
    People who are worried–symptoms
    Feeling anxious, tense, restless, stressful, and fearful of the various thoughts at a time: at home and work. Vague fear that something bad happens irritability to work well.
    People who have problems in family–symptoms
    Quarrels, anger, violence, bitterness, unsatisfactory marriage breaking of relations or of family, divorce.
    People who are not happy
    For various reasons, mainly because of negative thinking

Method of Work

Self–help. Guidance is given on rational thinking & positive approach. Home work involves modifying own thinking & behavior in fruitful way. There is group guidance & group sharing. Teaching is based on psychology. We use the essence of theories of famous psychologists like Albert Ellis, Aaron T Beck etc. Daniel Goleman is taught. Ample help is sought from teaching of saints.

Useful details

    Prajit Self–help Group meets on every Sunday at 10 am for about 3 hours at Nivara Old Age Home’s hall.
    There is no commercial fee for membership but voluntary contribution is accepted.
    There is a prayer and an oath. Acceptance of these two is necessary to become a member.
    Group receives guidance from psychiatrist Dr. Ulhas Luktuke.
    A lecture on positive thinking, group sharing & fellowship are three main parts of every meeting. From time to time there are variety entertainment programs, picnics etc. Booklets are also published.

For further information please contact

Sanjay Bendre: +91 9372486236
Jayant : +91 9423012114
Shubhada: +91 20 25439284
Nilima: +91 20 24280101

Weekly meeting address
‘Nivara’ Old age home, Near Patrakar Bhavan,
Navi Peth, Ganjve chowk, Pune 411 030, Maharashtra, India