Friday, 26 May 2017

Do not panic.

CTS has already laid off. Infosys, Wipro and TCS will follow.
'Automation' disaster is yet to show its massacre.

But it is high time that Indian youngsters should give up their 'Information Technology' orgasms and start to accustom to a new revolution. The IT revolution is almost done. It started withering off with the mass laying off by the corporate giants. Even the start ups are going to crumble as they have already reached a saturation point. This doesn't mean we are left jobless. We just haven't explored an ocean of possibilities and opportunities because the IT gave us a sophisticated dungeon with centralised air conditioning and free cappuccino. We are a nation of engineers and technicians. Till the earth rotates on that imaginary axis, it will always need these guys with tools to engineer and maintain new things. Computers and their evolution are just 2-3 decades old. Anything that boomed so fast will also be doomed at the same speed.

Medicine field is becoming more stressful and occupied every next day.
Law is already overcrowded.
Others sectors of engineering are also dimming eventually.

There is a whole planet outside your IT corridors. Come build things on it.

There are a whole new list of unexplored needs of this planet and its survival. I will list a few rarely touched fields but there are thousands more. Concentrate on them. Especially, the students, who have just completed their school education and waiting for their college admissions in India must look out for these options and set their career towards them. I can vouch for these fields because the coming years will need a lot of human resource to tackle the needs of these fields. Be smart, be vigilant, train yourselves and embrace the future opportunities.

- Climatic analysis and management
- Ocean studies
- Geology and disaster management
- Water reservoirs planning and creation, Flood & Drought management
- Meteorological studies
- Aquatic life studies
- Material studies and management
- Fuel, power and energy management
- Textile studies and management
- Linguistics (Language expertise) & translations
- Marketing Management in unexplored sectors like politics, science, films & social media
- International law and political studies
- Psychology and Psychoanalysis
- Artistry, Digital art and designing
- Teaching
- Educational studies and management
- Analytical studies in all fields
- Astronomy and other studies of Space technology
- Waste management and recycling studies
- Survival studies
- Demography & Culture studies
- History and archaeological studies
- Film Production and associated expertise
- Fashion engineering
- Nutrition and Healthcare management
- Cyber security
- Travel management and writing
- Mapping and related studies
- Martial arts and techniques for defence fields
- Sports studies (for both players and referee/umpiring) and training
- Content creation and analysis
- Genetics and Genomics
- Bio engineering
- Archaeology
And a lot more.

Keep an eye. Share this and thereby spread the word to someone you know. Make people around you understand. Help them to choose their best possible field and never worry about being jobless in the future.

P.S. These not so vibrant but variant fields are least likely to get affected by any recession too.

Tx to an old friend for this wonderful write-up....

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