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An idea exclusively occupying the mind turns into reality. Autosuggestion is a suggestion to one’s self by one’s self.

Our brain has a tremendous power to transform every logical desire into reality. The key is to believe in what you say.

Please close your eyes. Imagine you are given a yellow lemon. Hold that in your hand, feel the weight. Imagine you smell the lemon. Imagine you have taken a knife and you are cutting the lemon into two parts, feel the lemon juice on your finger as you cut the lemon. Put that half part into your mouth.

If you have done the above exercise, you will notice your mouth has produced some extra saliva.
You can either imagine eating the lemon or eat the lemon your mind will consider it as if the same thing happening.

Autosuggestion is taking to ourselves, and when we are taking to ourselves, we are taking to our subconscious mind. By regular practice of talking to ourselves we can get health, success and happiness.

Autosuggestion has helped many. Every day in every way I am getting better and better when repeated 20 times in morning and at night have given very good results.

There is a possibility that some people do not get satisfactory result with autosuggestion, the reason may be lack of confidence and faith.

A good autosuggestion is effortless.


Meditation First Step --- Last Step

What is Meditation ?

What are the techniques of Mediation ?

What Meditation is not ?

Meditation is very simple, we complicate it. We weave a web of ideas around it, what it is ?, what it is not ?, Because it is so simple, it escapes us.

Meditation comes naturally with extraordinary ease, when we walk, or look out of our window.

This courses answers the above questions and much more. Efforts are made to simplify the concept. It also includes the following topics -

Prayer - the greatest power available to the individual.

Autosuggestion - has helped many in achieving their goals.

Relaxation technique - this will help you if you are tired, stressed, anxious or tense.

Concentration - his is the only tool for high achievements.

Vipassana or Mindfulness - to see the things as the are.

You may have a question, why the above are also mentioned in same course?

The reason the above are mentioned because Meditation is often confused with concentration or relaxation or autosuggestion. So first we are understanding what are all these and when we are clear that these are not Mediation, we will look into what is Mediation.

A step by step video will guide you first through Prayers, Autosuggestion, Relaxation technique concentration and finally Meditation.

This course if for all those who want to know or learn meditation. Some stories are also been used to understand the subject. Other topics are included which will help you for success in life, improve relationship, build confidence etc .

In a way this course is a collection of work done by many great people.

All the Best.

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