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What is Prayer

Prayer is the greatest power available to the individual in solving problems.

Everyone has had prayed to God in difficulty, when all the avenues appear to have closed one tries to seek the escape from suffering through God.

This is the story of a student and Teacher. Student was in a big problem, his father suddenly passes away leaving the family in debt. Relatives and friends, instead of helping him, took away their dues leaving the family in disaster. The student tried to get a job but he failed. In this situation the student asked the teacher, “Please request God to give me food and clothes for my family.” Student knew that God listens to his teacher and will definitely grant what the teacher asks for. Teacher replied, “I have already given everything to the God and now how can I pray to ask for the same. Why don’t you go and pray to God. God is very kind and I am sure he will not disapprove you.”
Student went before God to pray for food and cloths. When he started tp pray he asked for wisdom and faith. When he returned Teacher enquired,” Have you asked for food and cloths”. Student replied,” No, I asked for wisdom and faith.”

Teacher instructed,” go again and ask for food and clothes for your family that is actually what you need now.”

Thrice the student went in front of God but was not able to ask the food and clothes for his family instead he again asked for wisdom and faith.

With wisdom and faith one realizes the truth about himself. His prayer comes to a standstill.
Prayer is a song of heart addressed to your God. Prayer means surrender. Prayer means gratitude. Prayer means bowing down to existence. Prayer means bowing down to existence. Prayer means communication to God.

Prayer is the power that pulls everything together successfully.

Child takes help from parents, a student from teacher, a servant from the master and in similar way soul takes help from the God through prayers. Prayer gives security to the soul, gives direction to thought and keeps the mind alert.

Some student went to their teacher and request him, “Please teach us how to pray.” Teacher simply fell on ground on his knees and started praying. Students were puzzled, we have asked him the method to pray and what is he doing. Teacher finally answered, “There is no how, there is no other way, I can pray, you can participate.” I invite you to be the part of my prayer. I cannot teach you to pray but I can go into prayer, because prayer is a state of being, not something that you do.

A prayer is not a dialog between I and God, Prayer is a merger, when I disappears into God, It’s the same was like river disappears into an ocean.

Meditation First Step --- Last Step

What is Meditation ?

What are the techniques of Mediation ?

What Meditation is not ?

Meditation is very simple, we complicate it. We weave a web of ideas around it, what it is ?, what it is not ?, Because it is so simple, it escapes us.

Meditation comes naturally with extraordinary ease, when we walk, or look out of our window.

This courses answers the above questions and much more. Efforts are made to simplify the concept. It also includes the following topics -

Prayer - the greatest power available to the individual.

Autosuggestion - has helped many in achieving their goals.

Relaxation technique - this will help you if you are tired, stressed, anxious or tense.

Concentration - his is the only tool for high achievements.

Vipassana or Mindfulness - to see the things as the are.

You may have a question, why the above are also mentioned in same course?

The reason the above are mentioned because Meditation is often confused with concentration or relaxation or autosuggestion. So first we are understanding what are all these and when we are clear that these are not Mediation, we will look into what is Mediation.

A step by step video will guide you first through Prayers, Autosuggestion, Relaxation technique concentration and finally Meditation.

This course if for all those who want to know or learn meditation. Some stories are also been used to understand the subject. Other topics are included which will help you for success in life, improve relationship, build confidence etc .

In a way this course is a collection of work done by many great people.

All the Best.

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