Sunday, 10 April 2016

Rubiks Cube Game

Online Rubik s Cube
There is only 1 correct answer and 43 Quintilian wrong ones for Rubik's Cube. 

50% discount on Rubiks cube course

 Type of Pieces


Top White Cross

Top White Corners

Middle Layer

Notations and Rotations

Bottom Yellow Cross

Bottom Yellow Edges

 Bottom Yellow Corner

Spend Quality Time with your KIDS, Learn to solve the Rubik's Cube.

Advantages -
Increases IQ level.
Improves concentration, patience and builds confidence.
Sharpens memory and improves hand-eye coordination.
Benefits all ages and gender.

Time Required - 4 to 8 hrs

Fees -
trainers home - 100 Rs/hr
students home - 250 Rs/hr

Contact - 9370571465 (Bhushan Kulkarni), Pune India

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Megaminix Cube, Mastermorphic Cube, 2X2X2 Cube, 4X4X4 Cube, 5X5X5 Cube 

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