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AutoCAD command


When a drawing is in a Perspective view,
starts the interactive 3D view and enables you to
drag the view horizontally and vertically.
3DOSMODEDetermines which 3D object snaps are enabled.
ACISOUTExports solid objects to an ACIS file.
ADCENTERManages content.
ARCCreates an arc.
ARCHIVEPackages the current sheet set files for storage.
ARRAYCreates multiple copies of objects in a pattern.
ARRAYEDITEdits multiple copies of objects in a pattern.
ATTACHInserts references to external files such as other
drawings, raster images, and underlays.
ATTACHAllows the user to insert various file types as
attachments or underlays into a DWG file.
-ATTACHAllows the user to insert various file types as
attachments or underlays into a DWG file from
the command prompt.
ATTDIAControls whether the INSERT command uses
a dialog box for attribute value entry.
BINDTYPEControls how xref names are handled when
binding xrefs or editing xrefs in place.
CHAMFERBevels the edges of objects.
CLIPCrops selected objects such as blocks,
external references, images, viewports, and
underlays to a specified boundary.
CLIPAllows the user to clip viewports, xrefs, DWF,
DWFx and DGN underlays, PDF underlays and
point clouds.
CLIPROMPTUPDATEControls whether the command line displays
the messages and prompts generated while
an AutoLISP or script file is being executed.
CONVERTPSTYLESConverts the current drawing to either named or
color-dependent plot styles.
DIMBASELINECreates a linear, angular, or ordinate dimension
from the baseline of the previous or selected
DIMCONTINUECreates a dimension that starts from an
extension line of a previously created dimension.
DIMCONTINUEMODEDetermines whether the dimension style and layer
of a continued or baseline dimension is inherited
from the dimension that is being continued.
DWGCONVERTConverts drawing format version for selected
drawing files.
ETRANSMITPackages a set of files for Internet transmission.
EXTERNALREFERENCESOpens the External References palette,
which manages external references in the drawing.
FILLETRounds and fillets the edges of objects.
FRAMEControls the display of frames for all images,
map images, underlays, clipped xrefs, and
wipeout objects.
FRAMESELECTIONControls whether the hidden frame of an image,
underlay, clipped xref, clipped point cloud,
or wipeout can be selected.
GEOGRAPHICLOCATIONAssigns geographic location information to a
drawing file.

GEOREORIENTMARKERChanges the north direction and position of the
geographic marker in model space, without
changing its latitude and longitude.
GRAPHICSCONFIGProvides access to display performance-related
HATCHFills an enclosed area or selected objects with
a hatch pattern, solid fill, or gradient fill.
-HATCHEDITModifies an existing hatch object from
command line.
IMAGEADJUSTControls the brightness, contrast, and fade
values of images.
IMAGEFRAMEControls whether image frames are displayed
and plotted.
LATITUDESpecifies the latitude of the geographic marker.
LAYERManages layers and layer properties.
LISTDisplays property data for selected objects.
LONGITUDESpecifies the longitude of the geographic marker.
MLEADERCreates a line that connects annotation to a feature.
MOVEDisplaces objects a specified distance in a specified
MTEDITEdits multiline text.
MTEXTCreates a multiline text object.

NEWSHEETSETCreates a new sheet set data file that manages
drawing layouts, file paths, and project data.
NORTHDIRECTIONSpecifies the angle between the Y axis of WCS and
the grid north.
ONLINESYNCTIMEControls the time interval for synchronizing current
customization settings with your Autodesk account.
OPTIONSCustomizes the program settings.
OSOPTIONSControls whether objects snaps are suppressed
on hatch objects, geometry with negative Z values,
or dimension extension lines.
OVERKILLRemoves duplicate or overlapping lines, arcs,
and polylines.
Also, combines partially overlapping or contiguous ones.
PICKAUTOControls automatic windowing for object selection.
POINTCLOUDATTACHInserts an indexed rcs (single scan) or rcp
(multiple scan project) file from Autodesk ReCap
in the current drawing.
POINTCLOUDATTACHInserts an indexed point cloud file into the
current drawing.
POINTCLOUDAUTOUPDATEControls whether a legacy point cloud is regenerated
automatically after manipulation, panning, zooming,
or orbiting.
POINTCLOUDBOUNDARYControls whether the point cloud bounding box is
POINTCLOUDCACHESIZESpecifies amount of memory (in megabytes) that the
internal processing engine will use for point clouds.
POINTCLOUDCLIPFRAMEDetermines whether point cloud clipping boundaries
for legacy (PCG, ISD and RCP) point clouds are
visible or plotted in the current drawing.
POINTCLOUDDENSITYControls the percentage of points displayed for
all legacy point clouds in the drawing view.
POINTCLOUDDENSITYControls the percentage of points displayed at once
for all point clouds in the drawing .
POINTCLOUDINDEXCreates a point cloud (PCG or ISD) file from a scan file.
POINTCLOUDPOINTMAXSets the maximum number of points that can be
displayed for all point clouds attached to the drawing.
POINTCLOUDRTDENSITYImproves performance by degrading the number
of points displayed while zooming, panning,
or orbiting.
POINTCLOUDRTDENSITYControls the percentage of points displayed during
real time zoom, pan, and orbit functions.
PRESSPULLDynamically modifies objects by extrusion and
PREVIEWFILTERExcludes specified object types from selection
PROPERTIESDisplays the properties of the selected object or
set of objects.

PURGERemoves unused named items, such as block
definitions and layers, from the drawing.
RENAMEChanges the names of objects
-RENAMEChanges the names of objects from command line.
ROTATEMoves objects about a base point.
SECURITYOPTIONSSpecifies password or digital signature options for a
drawing file.
SELECTIONPREVIEWLIMITLimits the number of objects that can display
preview highlighting during a window or
crossing selection.
SNAPGRIDLEGACYControls whether the cursor snaps to the snap grid
only when an operation is in progress.
SPACESWITCHControls whether model space can be accessed
by double-clicking in a layout viewport.
STARTUPControls what displays when the application is
started, or when a new drawing is opened.
STATUSBARControls the display of the status bar.
STYLECreates named styles.
SUBOBJSELECTIONMODEFilters the 3D subobject types that are selected
with CTRL+click.
TABLECreates an empty table object in a drawing.
TEXTCreates a single-line text object.
TEXTDisplays text on screen as it is entered.
TEXTTOFRONTBrings text and dimensions in front of all other
objects in the drawing.
THUMBSIZEControls the maximum size of thumbnail preview
which can be stored.
UNDOReverses the effect of commands.
VIEWBASECreates a base drawing view from model space or
Autodesk Inventor models.
VIEWEDITEdits an existing drawing view.
VIEWPROJCreates a projected view from an existing
drawing view.
VIEWSTDConfigures the drafting standard used by new
drawing views.
VIEWUPDATEUpdates selected drawing views that have become
out of date because the source model has changed.
WELCOMESCREENDisplays the Welcome window when you start
the program.
XDWGFADECTLControls the dimming for all DWG xrefs.
XFADECTLControls the fading intensity percentage for
references being edited in-place.
-XREFFrom the Command prompt, manages
external references.
XREFNOTIFYControls the notification for updated or missing

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