Sunday, 22 November 2015

New Fraud on Telephone

NEW FRAUD in Mumbai ...
Given below has happened to someone & He has narrated this in his own words :-

"I received a call from someone claiming that he was from my mobile Service provider and He asked me to shutdown my phone for 2 hours for 3G update to take place.
As I was rushing for a meeting, I did not question,but just shut down my cell phone.

After 45 minutes?
I felt very suspicious, Since the caller did not even introduce his name.
I quickly turned on my cell phone and saw several missed calls from my family members.

And, the others were from the number that had called me earlier.

I called my parents andI was shocked that they sounded very worried asking me whether...
I am safe.

My parents told me that they had received a call from someone claiming that they had me with them, and asking for money to let me free.
The call was so real and my parents even heard 'My Voice' Crying out loud asking for help.

My father was at the bank waiting for next call to proceed for money transfer.

I told my parents that, I am safe and asked them to lodge a police report.

Right after that I received another call from the guy asking me to shutdown my cell phone for nother 1 hour which I refused to do and hung up.

They kept calling my cell phone until the battery had run down. I, myself lodged a police report and I was informed by the officer that there were many such scams reported.

MOST of the cases reported that the victim had already transferred the money...! And, It is impossible to get back the money.

Be careful as this kind of scam might happen to any of us...!!!


Those guys are so professional and very convincing during calls.

If you are asked to shut down your cell phone for updates by the service provider, ASK AROUND...!
Your family or friends might receive the same call.

Be Safe and Stay Alert...!

Please pass around to your family and friends...!!!


People have been receiving calls from
any number starting from
+371 number.
One ring & hang up.

If you call back it's one of those Numbers that are charged 15-30$ &  they can copy your contact list in 3sec &  If U have bank or Credit card details on your phone, they can copy that too...

+375 is from Belarus From Afghanista..
+371 is code for Lativa...

Don't answer or Call back.

Please FORWARD AND SHARE this to your friends and family VERY IMP't MSG...

Also, PLEASE READ... this...

Don't Press #90 or  #09on your Mobile No...

Please take care, IF SOME ONE ASKs YOU TO DIAL  #09 or #90.Please Do Not Dial this When Asked.

Please circulate URGENTLY.

Friend, There is a fraud company using a device that once you press #90 or #09.
they can access your SIM card and Make calls at your expense.

Forward this message  to as many friends as U can, to stop it.

(A Government of India)

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