Thursday, 19 November 2015

Body Language

1. The shoulder shrug is a universal signal of not knowing what's going on.

2. Open palms are an ancient display of honesty.

3. A pointed finger with a closed hand is an attempt at displaying dominance.

4. Look for a lack of crinkles around the eyes to detect a fake smile.

5. Raised eyebrows are often a sign of discomfort.


6. If their voice goes up or down, they're likely interested.

7. If they mirror your body language, the conversation is probably going well.

8. Eye contact shows interest — both positive and negative.

9. But if they look into your eyes for too long, they might be lying.

10. An expansive pose signals power and a sense of achievement.

11. Crossed legs are usually a sign of resistance and low receptivity, and are a bad sign in a negotiation.

12. A 'cluster' of gestures shows a real feeling of connection.

13. If they're laughing with you, they're probably into you.

14. A clenched jaw, tightened neck, or furrowed brow shows stress.

15. Expansive, authoritative postures show leadership.

16. A shaking leg signals a shaky inner state.

17. Crossed arms can signal defensiveness, depending on the context.

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