Sunday, 15 November 2015

REBT - ABC Model

G - Goal
A – Activating Event
B – Belief
C – Consequence
D – Disputation
E – Effective strategy


We are not disturbed by what happens to us,
but by our thoughts about what happens to us.
- Epictetus

Case Study 1 Child afraid to get up in front of the class and speak, (ABC Theory)

Case Study 2 Friend passed me in the street without acknowledging me, (ABC Theory)

Case Study 3 I know I'll fail today's test, (ABC Theory)

Case Study 4 I went for a job interview and failed to get a job, (ABC Theory)

Introduction to REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy)

REBT stand for Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy.
REBt was designed by Dr Albert Ellis in 1955.

Principles of REBT are (what you will gain in learning REBT) -
1) You will feel better more often.
2) Feel bad less.
3) Achieve more things important to you.

REBT is based on the idea of Epictetus that 'People are disturb not by events, but by the views which they take from them.'

These series of videos will give you and idea to understand

what makes you angry?
How to come out of guilt,
How to deal with rejection.
How to be handle frustration

This course is for all those who would like to know how to handle negative emotions and conditions.

Please note this videos are for educational purpose and not a substitute or replacement to any medical treatment.

This video series would not have been possible without help of 'Prajit Self Help Group' Pune, India.

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