Sunday, 29 November 2015

Security Credit Debit and ATM Card

Report lost or stolen card immediately to the bank

Sign your  card on the signature panel

Never share your pin

Never share your personal information

Keep your card away from magnet

Do not share your card number


Change your PIN regularly

Shop with HTTPS website   

Do not share your account password

Be aware of suspicious email never click link of open attachment of unknown email

Download mobile applications from known source   

Be aware of security settings of your browser

Check your account often

Cut expired credit cards through their magnetic strip

Keep receipts of your purchase

Stand close to ATM machine while entering the PIN

Do not take help from strangers while using ATM machine

After pressing cancel key wait till the welcome screen

Destroy your transaction slip immediately

Register your mobile number to bank to get the transaction details

Use license software only

Change password once in three months

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