Monday, 2 November 2015

Precautions while using Social Media

Social Media provides settings like ‘PUBLIC’, ‘FRIENDS’, ‘ONLY ME’,  Use the wisely

Be FRIEND only to those who are known

Do not click unknown links on the social media post

Avoid using social media sites to login to other sites


Share social media security with your KIDS, talk to them

Anything posted on social media is permanent

Be careful while sharing your personal information on Social Media,including address, phone number and email id

Limit posting your day to day activity

Avoid using your social media account from public computers

Always use strong passwords, minimum 8 characters alphanumeric

Be aware while sharing your friends and relatives email ids on social media

Limit social media site to geo locate you

Verify before accepting requests

Be aware before tagging

Make separate accounts personal and business

Always log out

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