Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Traits of Great Leaders

1. Learn continuously.

2. Listen intently.

3. Have the ability to see things from other people’s perspectives.

4. See the big picture.

5. learn from every experience.


6. Consistently expand their world.

7. Acquire focused thinking.

8. View problems as temporary and surmountable.

9. Effectively deal with disapproval.

10. Focus on continually improving their subordinates.

11. Have vision.

12. Possess self-confidence.

13. Leaders have an uncanny ability to energize others.

14. Heavy-duty resilience.

15. Have passion for their job and life.

1. They constantly look for patterns.

2. They’re brilliantly lazy.

3. They’re obsessive note-takers.

4. They preach perfection, but practice progress.

5. They're allied with their fear.

6. They don’t wait for things to break.

7. They understand the creative process.

8. They pursue multiple streams.

9. They possess a healthy arrogance.

10. They embrace paradoxical thinking.

1. They don’t play the blame game.

2. They are open minded.

3. They are willing to take appropriate risks.

4. They set realistic goals.

5. Know how to solve problems.

6. Can empower others.

7. They’re proactive.

8. They are lifelong learners.

9. They ask well-considered questions.

10. They are willing to walk away.

11. They collect facts before making a decision.

12. They know their strengths and hire for their weaknesses.

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